Love - Musiq



Letra, canción



Love, there are so many things i've got to tell you
but i am i don't know how, cuz there is a possibility that you'd look at me differently
love, ever since this first moment i spoke your name
from then on i knew that by you being in my life that things were destined to change
so many people use you name in vain
those who have faith in you sometimes go a stray
through all the ups and downs and joy and hurts
for better or worst i still will choose you first
Many days i long for you wanting you
hoping for a chance to get to know you
longing for your kiss (echoes)
many nights i cried from the things you do
thought i could die from the thought of losing you
i know that your in
with your doubt, and your tears, and your questions
Chorus: 1x
At first, you didn't mean that much to me
but now i know you're all i need
you bring out something new in me
now that i found love
everyday i live for you
and everything i do i do it for you
now i say what i say i feel its true you've got to know i'm true
Chorus fade out