Love Again

Sam Salter

Letra de la canción

Now i could write a song about fallin` in love,
but i can`t seem to find the words myself,
so many things i wanted to say
but you take my breath away
and i think of the past and i won't let go
but there`s something you need to know
I just wanna to love again
i`m sick and tired of tryin` to pretend
that i don`t need love again
cuz it hurts too much without love
i just wanna feel again,
what it feels like to be in love
so i`m gonna let you in
and take another chance on love
Now i could be a million miles away
i know when my thoughts come out,
they`re lost in outerspace,
no matter how hard i fight it, or try to run away
love tracks me down, and grabs ahold
and sometimes it just won`t let go


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