Love Conquers All del álbum 'Slaves And Masters'

Love Conquers All

Deep Purple

La canción 'Love Conquers All' se estrenó en 1990. Este tema está incluido dentro del disco Slaves And Masters

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Feels like the end
When you're closer to losing your dreams
Than losing a friend
Flying blind
I'm shooting into the dark
Who will I find?
Oh girl
And if it takes me a lifetime
I swear I'll tear down every wall
Love conquers all

On my way
Tomorrow I rise with the sun
Soon I'll be gone
Words can't say
How the memories of feelings of love
They linger on
Oh girl
And if it takes me forever
I know it's worth every teardrop that falls
Love conquers all

Somewhere there's a place in your heart
Where the wounds never heal
Well you're not alone
That's just how I feel

Love conquers all
This one will last a lifetime
And if love conquers all
This one will last forever

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