The Miracles

Letra de la canción

Love machine part ithe miraclesoh, yeah....chorus:(i,i,)i'm just a love machine and i won't work for nobody but you(i,i )i'm just a love machine .............. a hugging kissing fiendverse # 1i think it's high time you knewwhenever i think of youmy mind blows a fusewhen i lookin your eyesmy meter starts to riseand i become confusedmy motor cranked electric goeswhen i'm sitting next to youelectricity starts to flowand my indicator starts to glowrepeat chorusverse#2i'm gentle as a lambi'm not that hard to programthere's no way that you can losechassis fits like a glovei've got a button for lovethat you've got to use (push it push it baby)if you look into my poweri am sure you can find out howto turn me on just set my dialand let me love you for a little while oooooohrepeat chorusla... la la la la..... la la la la.. la la la la la la la.. la la la.... la la laaaaaaaaapush it push it baby, yeah......ah, ah repeat chorus


The Miracles
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