Letra de la canción

This is for my ladies
This is for my ladies
I doing it for you baby
This is for my ladies
Yeah yeah
This is for my ladies
Lesson one,
As the light goes twinkling down inside these four walls
One and one make two
Baby just me and you
We won't need no pencil
We won't need no pens
I want to get inside your mind
And make you feel me deep within

[Chorus: x3]
I want to take you to love school
You can be my beautiful

Lesson two,
And even though we just met
You're the teacher's pet
And girl I want to school you
On something you'll never forget
We won't need no desk baby
We can just use the floor
And won't be loud talking
But you can speak to me nice an low
Oh baby though teachers ain't suppose to flirt
But I am the one that's grading your work
Don't worry about the things that you miss
Cause I'll make sure you make the deans list.


Class is now in session
This is what I want to do when I'm making love to you
First let me subtract the clothes right off your back
Then when you relax
There something I want to add
And when I get between your thighs I'll make you multiply

Can you feel me
When you reach your peak
Oh we baby
It feeling good yeah
Love love school
You can be
My my my my
Oh yeah yeah
Make sure your all right
Make love all night
Oh baby woo
Love school baby
You can be my
Oh yeah yeah
Come on baby

I can hear the school bells in my head
Tingling tingling tingling
Oh baby
I can feel the school bells in my head
Tingling tingling tingling
Oh yeah

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