Chas Bruns

Letra de la canción

Where have i gone? no i'm not who i used to be.
this awful hate, it's ruined me.
and i've tried to kill it, rip it out.
but it's set now, this stain won't come out.
Well i used to know everything, had it all figured out.
now my hearts empty, head full of doubt.
and i've tried, to look, to see, what's holding me down.
Well it's love they say will save me, love they say i need.
love they they say.
but it's love that got me here, and love that hold me down.
love i i say.
Well yeah, it's love...not me.
oh no...not now.
not way...out.
Well i used to be confident, so in control.
now i'm lost, no...where to go.
and i've tried, to run, break free, but it follows me now.
And it's love they say will save us, love they say we need.
love they they say.
but it's love that got us here, love that hold us down.
love i i say...yeah.
Oh love, not love.
not me, not now.
not way...out.
What is love?
where is it hiding now?
i've lost my way.
Well it's love they say.
where is this love i say?


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