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Lovesexy (Letra/Lyrics)

New power, new power, give it 2 me
oh, it need some bottom in here... lay it on me
(hey now, hey now)
Everybody on the block say it is the best
the most vital is what they say, more or less
it put my name upon my thigh
it makes me dance, it makes me cry
and when i touch it race cars burn rubber in my pants
this feeling's so good in every single way
i want it morning, noon and night of every day
and if by chance i can not have it - i can't say
but with it i know heaven's just a kiss away
kiss away
Dig me now
Anyone that's ever touched it,
they don't want anything else (no they don't)
and i got 2 tell the world,
i just can't keep it to myself
all in life becomes easier,
no question is unresolved
and i'm not afraid
Come on and touch it, i know u will love it
with it i know that heaven's a butterfly kiss away
Rain is wet, sugar is sweet
clap your hands, stomp your feet
everybody, everybody knows (lovesexy)
when love calls, u got 2 go
Tonight we make love with only words
girls first, girls first
ok so like first i'll start by telling u how
intelligent a curve your behind has
and then i can tell u that i can just smell u
and race cars burn rubber in my pants
but i really dig trippin' on the thought of
being caught by someone with your beauty, style and grace
baby i don't care i would rip out my hair
4 just 2 nights with your face
i don't want to make love 2 u
i just want 2 look at u
i just want 2 listen 2 u
Oh, pretty little whip, u got me drippin'
drippin' all over the floor, the floor
if i come back as a woman, i want a body like yours
a body like yours
Living rooms
i think... i think u would
i think u wanna play house
yeah, i think u wanna play house
U don't mind
i think u... uh...
i think u want me to (beep) inside of u
yea...yeah... i...
U want (lovesexy) me to s...suck around your living room
ha ha
yeah, u...u want me to walk right down your halls
Mmm hmmm
U want me to swivel in your love seat
don't u baby?
U want me to write my name on your walls
u want me to write my name
we make love with only words
i'll make love to u, tomorrow
Sweet dreams

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LOVESEXY es una canción de Prince que se estrenó el , este tema está incluido dentro del disco Lovesexy.