Blood Sweat & Tears

Letra de la canción

Lucretia macevilblood, sweat and tearslucretia mac evil, little girl, what's your game?hard luck and trouble, bound to be your claim to fametail shakin, home breakin truckin through towneach and every country mother's son hangin rounddrive a young man insane evil, that's your namelucretia mac evil, that's the thing you're doin fineback seat delilah, that's your sixth big jug of winei hear your mother was the talk of the sticksnothin that your daddy wouldn't do for kicksnever done a thing worthwhile, evil woman childdevil got you, lucy under lock and keyain't about to set you freesigned, sealed and witnessed on the day you were bornno use trying to fake him out, no use trying to make him outsoon he'll be taking out his doomwhat you gonna do lucretia mac evilhoney, where you been all night?you hair's all messed up babyn the clothes your wearin just don't fit you rightbig daddy joe's paying your monthly renttells his wife he can't imagine where the money's wentdressing you up in style, evil woman childoh lucy you're just so damn bad


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