Jimmie Rodgers

Make me a miracle
by jimmie rodgers roulette r-4070
(hoffman-manning-markwell) planetary music ascap

make me a miracle
make me a miracle
make me a miracle my love
I'm only a drop
make me a fountain
i'm only a hill
make me a mountain
You can make a slave or a king of me
make me ninety feet tall
you can make fabulous things of me
or nothing at all
I'm only a flame
make me a fire
i'm only a voice
make me a choir
You can make a tower of strength of me
just by touching my hand
you can make whatever you want of me
i'm at your command
(make me a miracle, make me a miracle)
I'm only a cup
make me a chalice
i'm only a hut
make me a palace
I can be as wild as a bumble bee
fly with eagles above
i don't care whatever you make of me
just make me your love
just make me your love
Make me a miracle
make me a miracle
make me a miracle, my love

transcribed by little john
these lyrics were transcribed from the specific recording referenced
above, and are for personal use and research interest only.


Jimmie Rodgers

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