Letra de la canción

Never say die, never say why (Oh yeah)

Make your mama happy
Make somebody proud
Never say die, never say why
Stand up, touch the clouds

Billy got a test in geometry
He didn't study night before
He wants a steady job and a salary
So I guess he gotta study more
That's why we're sayin'


Annie went to college, got a Ph.D.
Drive a BMW
All the things Annie ever wanted to be
She was when she finished school
That's why we're sayin'

(Yeah, yeah)
(Somebody proud)

People of tomorrow want a better way
It gets harder and harder every day
Don't let 'em fool ya, don't cha let 'em say
You're any less than they are
Baby, you're here to stay!

Oh yeah [Repeat: 3x]
Make your mama happy

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