Australia's Calling

Letra de la canción

Markets in process.
they deliver you home,
you might miss the old process.
well good luck in getting over it,
cus there's no way of returning to
what was.
yeah well tonight...
go to sleep and dream about
happy things like unicorns
and rainbows over valleys
cus when you wake i promise you
that you will wish you could go back
to that silly dream of silly things.
Go back home.
you're needed there.
but when you go
forget i'm here.
I really have to find a new frame for your photo.
its bland and boring.
boring is the last word i would use to describe you.
i hope your happy where you are, wherever that is, anyway.
i guess this is goodbye. i'm already having regrets.
These markets take our requests to leave so unseriously. but aren't we serious? yes, yes we are.


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