Burning Airlines

Letra de la canción

I had my fun watching my undoing on the tv.
When I woke up no one spoke of how long I'd been sleeping.
The weather where I went to bed, where I was led by certain awkward strange conditions always always always came in rain of pens with probing dispositions.
Making money on the radio, what youb eenselling we don't want to know.
Machinations of the hitparade.
Uneasy living in the bed we made.
The sound of fashion comes in stereo, holding hands with Mr. Meccano Meccano!
Sometime later on we pushed the fader towards translation.
The language from the doctor's mouth still got lost on all the patients.
The bottom line was looking so much finer finer finger from the bottom of the deep end.
It depends on how much money it can take to buy air for the breathing.
Hidden camera catches shoplifter in act of trading red trousers for gray to match his suit to get a job to get employed.
If all the color's bad what will we wear when all the color's bad?

Burning Airlines
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