Never Just For A Ring Letra y Canción

Toni Braxton

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NEVER JUST FOR A RING es una canción de Toni Braxton que se estrenó el , este tema está incluido dentro del disco The Heat.


'Never Just For A Ring'

Explain to me, honestly, who is she?
Tell me you don't love this girl
Damn it, boy
Why'd you go and ruin everything that I been livin' for?
Is this where I'm supposed to turn my back?
Cry a tear and walk away
Before I do, a word to you, you should know
Know you've make a big mistake

Why? When? Where? How? Who?
What made you go off and do this crazy thing?
Thought I loved you good, loved you all I could
Never just for a ring
Why? When? Where? How? Who?
What made you go off and lose your mind this time?
Treated you so good, but you knew I would
Never just for a ring

Proud to say, everyday, that I stayed
Very much in love with you
Even though I'll never know what it's like
To hear you say the words \"I do\"


So, no more holding hands
No kisses, and no wedding plans
Our love was just a lie
So now, I'll go and cry
Oh, why?


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