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I'm straight holding it up with my lyrics like it's a hiest, my words are the blade, your heads under the guilliteen like slice, you flow is sweet but my flow is the spice, im the cat chasing all yall whack mc's like your mice, so listen up and take my advice, just shut up man, you'll never match the greatness and i dont understate this, im the master mc, straight from the streets of gp, the killa standin in line to pay the fee just to see me, im holding it up because my mobb is deep, and my lyrical composition is steep, sneaking up on ya ass like a ninja (creep, creep).bustin like the nut on ya moms face, killin you kids makin yall disgraced. makin ya eyes tear up like ya maced. destroyin all who come before me with they rap, shootin who come before me strapped. see im a general like janet reno. bury you alive just like casino. stop take a second while a pop like a prescripton words plus words equals addition. im breakin you down to submission, givin yall my vision. cutting your verse up more accurat then incisions. im thrillin the ladies with my toungue, breakin they coots cuz im hung, like meth and red ya got stung.
chillin, faster then ridalin, more poetic then dylan, the best in whole damn state, be quiet aint here to debate. show love dont hate!
Worst at what i do best like cobain, get up and jump like house of pain, crazy insane in the brain like cypress hill, all killer no fill. been drinkin and smokin all year, not a day of it has my dome been clear, smashing all fools slappin all the queers, got no luck for seven years cuz the other day i crashed through ya mirror. your lack of skill makes my sad (tear), wait hold a second while i drink up my beer, now i gettin faded but there aint no fear, as long as my rhymins still true and my flow is sincere. caught in my light ya eyes wide open like a dear, i'm burnin it up and your skin is startin to sear, ya see im behind the music like vh1, i bomb atomically like wu tang in the sun, like 2pac i live and die by the gun, except it's not me getting shot, its me shootin you for fun, oh shit nelly looks like im number one, im a barbarian like atilla the hun, rippin ya up cannibalistic, first of all i will start with ya drum stick, i got a piece of you in my teeth, i need a tooth pic, coming at your ass with a karate kick, like bruce lee one inch punch knockin you back 3 or 4 feet, val kilmer cant even stand this heat, i will go off like a whistling pete, girlies be on my shit like im a piece of meat, no need for a standing ovation take a seat
chillin, faster then ridalin, more poetic then dylan, the best in whole damn state, be quiet aint here to debate. number one thats my fate.
Back for the first time like luda, i'll slash ya up like freddy kruga', its like nightmare on elm streets, except with more rhymes more verse and more sickly phat beats, make bitches scream like janet jackson, number one faction, time for some action like mista meth, quick and painful like anthrax death, half baked and confused like ya heads been contused, im the ointment for ya needs to be soothed, loud new punk like the used, im a blend of seattle grunge hip hop infused, gettin drunk gettin high gettin all fuc*** up, gettin my dick sucked slingin and doin what i can ta make a buck, if you make it farther then me you know its just luck. you a chicken cant go big chop ya head (cluck, cluck, cluck!) swimmin and movin through ya lyrical muck, dodgin bullet dodgin bombs incoming bullet, duck!
chillin, faster then ridalin, more poetic then dylan, the best in whole damn state, be quiet aint here to debate.


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