The Killers

I know what you want,
i'm gonna take you to a midnight show tonight
if you can keep a secret,
i got a blanket in the backseat on my mind,
and a little place that sits beneath the sky.
She turned her face to speak,
but no one heard her cry,
drive faster boy,
drive faster boy, yahuu
I know theres a hope,
theres too many people trying to help me cope,
you got a real short skirt,
i wanna look up, look up, look up yeah yeah.
We were just in time,
let me take a little more off your mind,
theres something in my head,
somewhere in the back saying we were just a good thing, we were such a good thing,
make it go away without a word,
but promise me you'll stay and fix these things i've heard.
make it go away, oh oh ohh oh oh,
drive faster boy, yahuu, oh no,
The crashing tide can hide a guilty girl,
with jealous hearts that start with gloss & curls
i took my baby's breath beneath the chandelier
of stars and atmosphere
and watch her dissapear into the midnight show
uh faster, uh faster, uh faster, uh faster, faster, uh faster
oh no no no no no no, no no no no no
if you can keep a secret
then baby i can keep it, if you can keep a secret
If you can keep a secret, i can keep a secret
if you can keep a secret, well baby i can keep it
if you can keep a secret.

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The Killers

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