Young Heart Attack

Letra de la canción

Hot lights and sentimental needles
Showtime's tonight, yeah
Filmed shots of everybody bleeding
Carry the fever alright

Hit the lines
I me mine
Daisy on a razor, born
Light me up, make me shine
Quick before I hit the floor

Drink the gasoline (plastic figurine)
Girl you know you got me tearin up the movie scene

Picture show
Misty rowe
Tell me Wendy, how you get so low (tell me Wendy 'bout the golden road)
Movie scene, broken queen
Tell me Wendy, tell me what you've seen (what you mean)

Too sick to make it to the party on the walk of fame
Hip shot, pale blue lady, honey, its al the same

Give me a line I'll be fine
Moviemaker bring me to
Starlite, let me shine tonight
Tell me what I gotta do
fuente: musica.com

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