Hostage Life

2nd annual walk for capitalism and thank god it
didn't rain. this year we'e defending the
system, cuz it aint no fuc*** crime to gain.
and we'll march in time secure in our lines
enlightenment having been redefined. we've
justified our greed. divided the heart and the
will to succeed. throw your wallets in the air.
hands up who came to get theirs. this year's a
good year to lead. this year's a good year for
taking more than you need. couldn't ask for a
better day. couldn't live in a better place. my
way to celebrate. take, take everything. take
the clothes off the next man's back. take on a
new line of attack. my place at the front of
the pack. take, take everything. 2nd annual
walk for capitalism and we're voicing private
concerns you gotta pay if you wanna play. you
gotta shine before you burn. this land is my
land. your life in my hand. not trying to
understand. not helping any man.


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