More Than Friends


Letra de la canción

Thinkin' about her give me inspiration
But for what I'm not sure
Maybe it's not love, and just infatuation
Well I know I need something more

Than to be just friends
'Cause being friends in not enough
Girl can't you see, this distance between us is killing me
That's why I gotta know

\"Why can't we be more that just friends?\"
I lie awake at night frustrated and uptight
Wondering if she's with someone else
Constantly depressed

I'm hopelessly obsessed
I can't understand why she
Won't be more than just friends
'Cause being friends does not suffice

I need advice on what I'm doing wrong
I feel so down
That's why I gotta know
\"Why can't we be more than just friends?\"

And I know that you don't love me anymore
That's what you told me on the phone.
So I'll go and buy a 6-pack at the store
A drunken fool all alone

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