Tracy Chapman

Mountains o' things tracy chapmanthe life i've always wantedi guess i'll never havei'll be working for somebody elseuntil i'm in my gravei'll be dreaming of a live of easeand mountainsoh mountains o' thingsto have a big expensive cardrag my furs on the groundand have a maid that i can tellto bring me anythingeveryone will look at me with envy and with greedi'll revel in their attentionand mountainsoh mountains o' thingssweet lazy lifechampagne and caviari hope you'll come and find mecause you know who we arethose who deserve the best in lifeand know what money's worthand those whose sole misfortunewas having mountains o' nothing at birthoh they tell methere's still time to save my soulthey tell merenounce allrenounce all those material things you gained byexploiting other human beingsconsume more than you needthis is the dreammake you pauperor make you queeni won't die lonelyi'll have it all prearrangeda grave that's deep and wide enoughfor me and all my mountains o' thingsmostly i feel lonelygood good people aregood people are onlymy stepping stonesit's gonna take all my mountains o' thingsto surround mekeep all my enemies awaykeep my sadness and loneliness at bayi'll be dreaming, dreaming... dreaming...

Tracy Chapman

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