Prince Paul

Featuring biz markie chubb rock & sha

Hey yo yo yo
Hey chill
Here comes mr. large yo

[mr. large/chubb rock]
Yo what happened to the beat?
Yo diehard gimme a beat

[diehard/biz markie]
Ok boss

[mr. large/chubb rock](diehard/biz markie)
From east to west whether your thin or thick
Whether your girl sucks lollis or just pure dick
Mario puzo said that i'm the don
W w i'm the shit dot com
The first born, gone, born conceaded
The black moses, ask me to leave egypt
Straight heady, i manage heavy, and lolli petty
I gave r. kelly a rolex wit a diamond bezzy
Rock steady, beg me, consider me stern
The original hoodlum, fishburn had to learn
Supersperm, court's adjorn for the ?nollin?
(you, you got what i need)
Let her toss your sald, big hittas love to sit wit big figgas
I love black people, but i can't stand niggas
The ozz heads, back me, i'll cock shoggy
Ready to hold it down, i pop niggas like acne
Pay a token to breathe
Apollo wit low creed
For every government nigga, there's government cheese
I'm mr. please, mr. large
Thirty foot garage
Mercedes beggy
Mad cheddy
Mr. elly


Prince Paul

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