His one mean mother eye's as bad as hell
born with one reason
his soul to sell
just sitting on his bar stool
his bottle by his side
talking to his shadow crying for reply
others they just let him be
wasn't known to complain
not even say a word or give a sigh the big man was insane

his reputation he tried to forget
his past couldn't leave him be
calling him by his name
locking out the misery
looking towards the future
hating what he sees
selling out on his best friend
causing grief pain more misery

no one dared to look him twice
scared to ask his name
filling up on past memories
travelling into shame
few knew his reason why
them few were dead and gone
mr. misery by name
mr. misery no patience
mr. misery so tough
mr. misery so bad
mr. misery so cold
mr. misery soul sold
mr. misery just let him be-------
just leave him be.


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