Canción 'Mrs. Jackson' del disco 'Hey! Album' interpretada por Marvelous 3

Mrs. Jackson Letra y Canción

Marvelous 3

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MRS. JACKSON es una canción de Marvelous 3 del año 1998, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Hey! Album.


'Mrs. Jackson'

I'll get the door, Mrs. Jackson
I'll get the press and reporters, too
I'll wait outside your heart

You're not a throw-away film star
There's something different about you
And I'll wait outside your heart

Cross my heart, I would die
Shove the needle in my eye
Be your sugar, I could try
Where's the papers, let me sign
All I want is to be wanted by you

How is your head, Mrs. Jackson?
How about a pain killer or two?
I'll wait outside your heart

What in the hell are they saying?
They'll never understand me or you
And I'll wait outside your garage
And your house and your restaurant

[Chorus: x2]