Letra de la canción

follow the king of muse and fancy
see the brightly coloured one
bells and whimsy sights entrancing
dance with muckle john
You know me as muckle john
a jester in the finest court
a man of mirth and whimsy fine
come see what i have wrought
I entertain the court tonight
the noble folk are gathering
if the king he smiles, a happy night
his frown much sorrow brings
My little tricks bring them delight
they love to watch my charm and skill
coil of shoe, bells so bright
my magic makes them love me still
Twenty years ago i came to court
my craft to learn at masters hand
i sorrow for what is to come
no students come to join my band
I am the last one of my kind
no more the courts the jesters want
they have new games to bring delight
new charms to dwell upon
Pardon me now while i dance for my master
my tierd bones must gad about
to bring a smile as the music, faster
turns my magic out
Dance with muckle john
Dance with muckle john


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