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these are my confessions
just when i thought i could say all i can say
i cheated on ya, now i got one on the way
these are my confessions
man i'm throwed and i dunno what to do
guess i'll tell the truth, in my confession
and if im gonna tell then i got to tell it all
damn near cried when i made that phone call
i'm so blown and i dunno what to
do but tell the truth in my confession
(verse 1)
now this gonna be the hardest thing i think i ever had to do
to come out my mouth and tell you that i'm cheatin on you
wit this brotha that i met and now i'm creepin wit
got me 3 months pregnaut, now i'm keepin it
1st thing that came to mind was you
2nd thing jus dont want to believe this is true
3rd thing i gotta get up the nerve to say to you
i've done wrong, and i deserve to be alone
(verse 2)
ooooh see now im stuck on stupid tryin to figure out
when what and how imma let this come out my mouth
see it aint gonna be easy, but see i need to stop wasteing time
tell the truth and maybe we can handle it (handle it)
i'm headed to his place, wishin i could erase
i gotta be a woman and tell him this to his face
what am i to do if he don't want to stay wit me??
wait a second baby, plz hear me
(slow talk)
now this has got to be the hardest thing i ever done
in my 21 years of breathin
is tell the man that i really really love
that i'm pregnaut by a man a hardly even know not asking you to
accept that fact that i cheated
but forgive me


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