Canción 'My Mirror No Longer Reflects' del disco 'The Opposite of December (A Season of Separation)' interpretada por Poison The Well

My Mirror No Longer Reflects Letra y Canción

Poison The Well

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MY MIRROR NO LONGER REFLECTS es una canción de Poison The Well que se estrenó el , este tema está incluido dentro del disco The Opposite of December (A Season of Separation).


'My Mirror No Longer Reflects'

Choke on your forked tongue as you lie to me again
Say it's too early to show how we feel
just shove me away / but what can be said
to someone who can't hear
or comprehend your actions
I've lost faith in what I've been told / it's all a lie
I show true feelings always feeling the pain
Smash me to the ground a thousand times as before
But I can't rationalize anymore / carry me away
on concrete pillows incinerate me once more
Love means nothing to you anymore
blood stains on the wall with disfigured forms / end me