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Letra de la canción

When billy had just turned eight,
he was all alone on a boat
by his house on a lake.
he laid back, as he closed his eyes,
and he drifted off to sleep.
he awoke to the sound of crashing waves.
his boat was a million miles away.
and just when he thought he'd seen the end,
he heard his father's voice again.
he said...
son, just take my hand.
rest your feet on solid land.
keep your eyes laid on me.
don't be swayed by the sea,
and i will lead you home.
You know that i live for you,
but sometimes i get caught
in the storm and i fall.
you know when i'm in that boat,
and the world comes seeping in.
sometimes i start sinking in the sea.
sometimes i'm in way too deep for me.
sometimes when i'm crying out for fear,
i hear you whisper in my ear.
you say...
Repeat chorus


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