Canción 'My Town' interpretada por Patty Smyth

My Town Letra y Canción

Patty Smyth

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MY TOWN es una canción de Patty Smyth del año 1992, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Patty Smyth .


'My Town'

I took a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge
The new graffiti says that life's a bitch
And now I hear this bridge is falling down
Someone will steal it before it hits the ground
Now I want to go out walking in my old neighborhood
Where I was just a little girl and life was good
But the boys are on the corner, gonna fuck with me
I'm gonna keep on walking, they don't see
This is my town
I was born and raised on these streets

This is my town
Oh yeah, my town
Too many people are on the street tonight
It's way too hot someone's looking for a fight
What a mess of faces in an endless sea
I'm getting tired of all this energy
I guess I could just pick it up and move outside of town
And listen to the crickets when the sun goes down
But then we couldn't hear them playing down at S.