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Navigator Letra



Navigator (Letra/Lyrics)

The dessert in the blazing sun
I feel my throat is burning
The guard is incorruptible
You name it vanity or yearning - oh

Now - dusty into my face
We gotta build it higher and higher
The sun is whipping from above
Your child chains of desire

And craving towers
From the dessert towards the sky
The grind of the genius
Who's raising his own decline

And the navigator is heading for hell
Setting off on a journey
And he'll never return
And the navigator he rose and he fell

In quest for heaven
He'll never return
Hey the seeker reaching for the stars
Beyond the scape of profanity

Oh and when he tried to touch the light
Fire burned his sanity away
Oh I gotta see it all
Tempting deities I hear them

But then when you follow their call
Pride goes before the fall
And the navigator...

Datos de Navigator

NAVIGATOR es una canción de Edguy del año 2004, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Hellfire Club.