Negative Energy del álbum 'Anything Is Possible '

Negative Energy

Debbie Gibson

La canción 'Negative Energy' se estrenó en 1990. Este tema está incluido dentro del disco Anything Is Possible

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Don't you take me down the back roads
I want to see the sun
I was thinkin' 'bout pleasure
When we begun

I kept thinkin'

All along
Where did we go wrong?
No, no more
Negative energy

Life changes in a heartbeat
Emotions made of crystal and glass
Life turns us from Jekyll to Hyde
We don't mean to be cruel and crass


Be good to me
I kept thinkin'


Be good to me

I don't want money
I don't want a car
I want to know where you're hiding
I want to know who you are
Don't want to be humored
Can't stand the wait
I don't want to be a victim
Of your unclear state

Don't try to pass yourself off
As the confused good guy
Say hello or say goodbye

No, please no more
Negative N-are-G
Be good to me


I keep wondering where we ever went wrong
I keep wondering where we ever went wrong
I keep wondering where we ever went


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