Canción 'Nerdy' del disco 'The Opposite of December (A Season of Separation)' interpretada por Poison The Well

Nerdy Letra y Canción

Poison The Well

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NERDY es una canción de Poison The Well que se estrenó el , este tema está incluido dentro del disco The Opposite of December (A Season of Separation).



Why do your eyes paralyze me
What makes me feel this way
Just carry me away with silence and heartbeats
As rapid thinking about your embrace

And how it makes me feel
I just want to feel this way forever
Sleep on portraits painted as perfect as you
Why have I been given the chance to fly

When I'm not with you I feel lesser alone
I remember your face / imprinted on angels
Your voice as beautiful / as the sounds of waves
Crashing against my heart

Time slows down when you look at me
I'm infatuated with this / infatuated with you
It's so hard for me to understand why
I hadn't found you before don't dull away
Hold my hand