Idyll and romance
forget forever
a regular life
we won't lead never!
Don't feel regret
when girls give me a shit
don't like their feelings
we do like their sin!
Slobbering and dreaming
don't know what they mean
fire and rage
inside us scream!
We do not complain
we'll never be quite
our mood is in flames
nightmares all night!
We'll never cheat our maniac friends
we play for the witches as they do command
Don't fear to be a loser
damnation we gained
pride is high
and hare has remained!
We try to avoid
the spirit's collapse
as bands used to do
we never relax!
Hitches won't take us
we are not going to trust
the chicks and the faires
we do feel disgust
Hell is so near
dark is our soul
like demons and witches
we do reach our goal


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