Letra de la canción

My fever is the flava of a new era,
when the world can see and hear much clearer,
this song got my feelin’s on a hook now,
it lifts me up and it can’ bring you down,
There is a new time comin and,
i’ll get there 1st – coz i’m runnin’ man,
i’ll always know coz i’ve seen,
the places i’m goin’ and where i’ve been,
there’s no time for us to do the runaround,
this time the sky is really comin down,
it’s never the end and you’ll see,
there’s nothing your doin’ that can affect me,
in this world there’s reason for everything,
there’s a lesson to learn from many things,
it’s always a struggle to be free,
i kepr it real – but that’s just me,
got to show, got to know, got to give it a go,
coz you know that i never lived my life slow,
as you grow to the powerful force of my flow,
yeah! yeah! yeah! yeah! yeah!
In tha future with our minds eye smashin’ down walls,
to what fate from the mothership our species falls?
there’s only one other way to keep it alive;
if tehere’s something in our nature that makes us survive!
Nguntu nganinya wangkanayi hey, hey, hey!
nguntu nganinya wangkanayi – kulia


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