Mystik Journeymen

Letra de la canción

I held it all in, not to let it crack the grid of emotion
Notion to censor the feeling, I was going in circles
Working my daily operation, I'm perkin on inspiration
Nation underground in nature, I'm patient, well anyway
he got my rhyme vessel, movin products down the block
to the universe, I'm cursed, takin life, from the kingpins
And send them to labs, they products can't measure
to the uncut, incredible, Living Legends
Settle for less BITCH and sellin it, from mic dreams of pipe dreams
I feeds it like graffiti and bomb, your train of thought
Kaveo in stereo, systems and Walkmans
And shake down impostors, groupies, and hype man
So cool as a resident, evidence of a paragraph evident
I was sent you perceive that's the facts
Transmission is complete now I'm back (.. I'm back .. I'm back ..)

Artists like Motown, underground sound providing sound
that ride us over time (forever) lyrics shine
Spirits climb (forever) out depression
No stressin, everyday's a blessing
State the facts on tracks, I'm not no mack I'm young black and gifted
Sifted, out the soil, royal
Ignorance has no significance in life
Ripe in the sun, Californian born in Oakland
Hard-spoken gentlemen, Journeymen, Mystik twist it
Emcees come wack, like _Anaconda_, snakes who bomb us
Doin the mambo with the devil, once signed, in stone they level
Rebel soul defeats goal beyond.. small talk, moonwalk
on jealousy, they will see, destiny
Survivors analyze this on, philosophy, PSC'n and.. Sunspot
Emcees rockin any hip-hop function, luncheon
Around the world and it, goes on.. and it, goes on..
And it, and it and it and it ah, AH-AH! Hah hah!
(Uh-ah!) Ah-ah, AH-AH!

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