Razed In Black

Letra de la canción

I wake to a wasteland
i try to understand
hates me, everyone
satan's got a gun
i'm skinned by my thoughts
raped by every god
left without everything
feeling so alone
i'm haunted ever time
i fuc*** close my eyes
i feel the evil force
eat at me rotten corpse
i break down in dismay
crumble and decay
worst of this monstrosity
is that this is fuc*** reality
wake me up or i'll lose my mind
this nightmare's draining me inside
terrified to close my eyes
this nightmare makes me wanna die
when will i wake?
i wake in boiling sweat
dream will i forget
actions i do regret
erase then smear with shit
i flee from nothing there
possessed by, if i care
attempt to run away
manage to burn and pray
i fall an endless pit
and loving every bit
further that i go
escape this hell i know
smashed down on 10 foot spikes
shoved deeper with her might
i bleed cold in despair
yet she don't fuc*** care


Razed In Black
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