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NIGHTMARES es una canción de Andrew.




look at the stars and fade away think your mind as a silent night sowrring threw the wind but dont think away evil will rise apoun you while your a sleep you feel nothing so scared lonely hide when u wake up youll never fell the same my eyes they burn from the light keep your body tight
watch it play over and over like a movie that you love but you wont love this one oh no this one will eat you kill you its up to u to deside your way your face full of fear but tonights the night im moving on i wake up wiht blood on my lips my dream was dead am i?
I look the other way i try to run but its not the way im going its the way im moving its not fast enough sometimes i forget let these monsters go i try to let them go outta my mind i tear my mind to peices nothing has ever felt the same
I wake up in another night with broken thoughts and heart stoping dreams but i try to fight it as a dream its not true it cant be its getting blury im droping i cant see the room or is it i live in this dream because of you. you put me too death now i live with evil in my empty soulmy black soul so another day gose by and i live in not your life

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