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No Breakdown Tonight

The Excentrics


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It isnt bleeding anymore
from where he slammed his face in the door
i know its what you want to see
and came here for
But it isnt in my plans
i hate to disappoint my fans
but there will be no breakdown tonight
Are you trying to keep awake
for the clown who's bound to break
and all the jokes you hope to find
in his mistakes
I know he looks the part
but he doesnt have the heart
and there will be no breakdown tonight
All of his life
trying to smile through the makeup
i wrote it all down and locked it away in a suitcase
Cant imagine the money i could make in the movies
maybe... millions... someday
In the gallery of blues
is a fool who left a bruise
with a bunch of broken teeth
and clown shoes
He could have been the best
but he doenst take requests
and there will be no breakdown
you know there'll be no breakdown
and there will be no breakdown tonight

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