Canción 'No Fiction' del disco 'The Charlatans' interpretada por The Charlatans

No Fiction Letra y Canción

The Charlatans

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NO FICTION es una canción de The Charlatans del año 1995, este tema está incluido dentro del disco The Charlatans.


'No Fiction'

There's one thing on my mind
i think i'll take a little walk in the wild
the feelings come and roll
put it in your pocket and i'll save it
for another day
Hey hey hey
hey hey hey
And life becomes my shield
and she becomes my life
not afraid of too much livin'
i'm waitin' for the day i wanna see it
wanna live it with a kiss
One hundred planes with bombs
couldn't turn your headlights on
no fiction roping you down
i know and feel what's going on
There's a sad man on my mind
i think i'll take a little walk outside
but the feelings never go
you can tell me you can tell me
i wanna live it
i wanna live it how i see