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(verse one)

Drivin' full speed, headin' towards a cliff/
my foot's on the gas, i'm accelerating quick/
all that i see, through this grungy windshield/
is barron wasteland, and deserted fields/
i'm a turn the music up, just to keep me company/
helps to focus on what's comin' up in front of me/
i can't stop sweatin', it's hot in this savanna/
rockin' the canadian flag, as a bandanna/
wonder if anyone will ever find me /
first, they'll have to get through the cloud a dirt behind me/
leavin' a trail, in a land with no laws/
where everyone's a rebel, on the hunt for a cause/
my seatbelt's undone, my door's unlocked/
time to jump out the driver's seat, and watch this car drop/
off the mountaintop til' it falls on rocks/
and eventually explodes, so i'm forced to walk/
Chorus x 2
There's no one else, i'd rather be but myself/
nobody else, i'd rather be but myself/
yo there's no one else, i'd rather be but myself/
cause i can't imagine wanting to be somebody else/
(verse two)
Where did the time go, we must of lost track/
as sand trickled fast, down a shrink's hour glass/
i may be off the wall, but i'm on the ball/
sensin' that right moment, to perform a song for y'all/
so come gather round', catch a glimpse of the magic/
even if this microphone's invisible, i'll still grab it/
can you see it, c'mon here take a look/
it's so hot, i could put frozen food on it, to cook/
i know when your shocked, can't believe your eyes/
when i see them lines a hair, above your eyelids rise/
so please don't try to startle, or surprise me/
that's why i sleep, with a baseball bat beside me/
call me cautious, call me paranoid/
fillin' in a space, wherever there's a void/
there's a whole lot a holes though that need to be stitched/
wish i knew how to sew, cause yo they have to be fixed/
Chorus x 2
There's no one else, i'd rather be but myself/
nobody else, i'd rather be but myself/
yo there's no one else, i'd rather be but myself/
cause i can't imagine, wanting to be somebody else
(verse three)
I wanna learn to cook nice, interpret books right/
wish i was a star, so i could see what space looks like/
i know i'm not invincible, i don't got immunity/
i stopped throwin' rocks threw windows of opportunity/
quit bitin' my tongue, and swallowin' pride/
from eatin' my own words, and feelin' hollow inside/
now i have a healthy appetite, always full a life/
and a fire burning in it, that y'all can help ignite/
a chance to communicate's, what i've always wanted/
all i need is a stage, where these skills can be flaunted/
forget about the hype, attention n' limelight/
i know it won't be what i'm after, lookin' back in hindsight/
so i'm a say this now, and i'm a say it loud/
raise a fist in the air, everybody stay proud/
proud of who we are, proud of where we come from/
proud of what we gonna do, n' proud of what we've done/
Chorus x 4
There's no one else, we'd rather be but ourselves/
nobody else, we'd rather be but ourselves/
yo there's no one else, we'd rather be but ourselves/
cause could you imagine, wanting to be somebody else ?.


Cale The Lyricist

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