Gary Jules


There was no fortune to be made here.
It's just a town like any other town.
Sure there must be good things left to say.
Can't think of one so, I won't say.

Nothing wears a pretty face in armor.
She got, shine at the surface, coal below
Nothing, please don't tell me, I...
Already know...nothing.

Living like a mobile spinning off its line.
Phillip always said about the wheels within wheels.
Tension rising higher it's coming through my window.
And no I seem to feel?

'Cause nothing, please don't tell me, I already know.
Nothing, oh it's getting better now, but time will show.
Nothing, never goes away.
Nothing, never goes away.

Tonight I saw her again.
A blood red luna sitting on the bridge.
It could've been a sign but I don't believe in signs.
I don't believe in...

Nothing, please don't tell me, I,
Already know.
Nothing, oh it's getting easier.
But time will show.

Nothing, she's got brand new set of reasons why.
She can't let it go.
Nothing please don't tell me.
I already know...nothing.