Canción 'Alone' del disco 'Confidence' interpretada por Downface

Alone Letra


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ALONE es una canción de Downface, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Confidence.

Letra 'Alone'

It's been a long day
at the bottom of the hill
they say she died of a broken heart
she told me i was living in the past
drinking from a broken glass
I'm alone
now i turn to face the cold
i'm alone
now i turn to travel home
I walked down
to the other end today
just to catch those last few rays
i held out my hands and slowly waved goodbye
i turn my eyes to the sky
She'll come back to me
I held out my hands to the light and i watched it die
i know, that i was part to blame
but i've done my time
and i never want to spend my life alone