Marilyn's Vitamins

Letra de la canción

It's all slipping out of your grasp
i can see it in all the questions you ask
is there more than what you're accostomed to?
something more than feeling fuc*** up, boredom and confused
cuz all your free time is just hours to kill
a burning anger for everything that you don't want to feel
so easy to hate but you'd rather be sedate
leaving this bullshit for another pointless day
one for the road
summer night getting drunk at christie pits
well, it feels so much better when we act like kids
all our problems lay a hundred miles down the road
man, who in their right minds wants to get old?
you're never gonna get yourself on track,
hit the bottle 'til it hits you back
who gives a f*** about if its right?
just need something to get you through tonight
12 steps, i fell down from the top
rock bottom with a bottle now i can't get up
all my problems linked to my line of escape
at the clinic they love to rub in your mistakes


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