One Of A Kind

Much The Same

Letra de la canción

These last few weeks there's been
Lots of talk about the past
About the true loves we've all lost
And the ones we never had

Vicariously reliving the pain
Of saying goodbye to you
Has left me wondering exactly
What you've been up to

I've long since gotten over
The aftermath of my mistakes
Had pointed out to me
The error of my ways

But the little things keep
Showing up inside my mind
And a better friend than you were
I don't think that I can find

But now seeing you again
Reminds me thankfully of why
The bar was raised so high
I'm not writing you this song

To say I want you back
It's simply that I hope
I'll never lose you again
I think about the days we spent together

I come to realize it's all blurry
And I can't remember all that much
Except how happy we both were back then
And how these days I'm not even sure

If I can call you friend

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