Vanessa Amorosi

One Thing Leads 2 Another - Letra

Vanessa Amorosi

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One thing leads to another,
you've been trapped and caught,
who's gonna stop, who's gonna stop,
one thing leads to another.
So there's always been the man to be right,
you can give him any job,
make him do three things at one time.
but if you give him your heart,
it's from then they screw up,
if you ask him for the truth,
well it's safer just to give up.
it seems like forever
that i'm being trapped and caught,
i'm calling stop coz...
One thing leads to another,
before you know it, you're in too deep,
til you finally discover,
you've got no more secrets to keep.
coz little by little, step by step,
you're gonna see how far you can get,
listen to the words of your mother,
one thing leads to another.
You're so obvious but you play it so cool,
you must think i'm out of my mind,
but i know just what you're up to.
coz the day i give up is the day that you'll drop,
and it's better you know the day i leave,
you won't be letting go.
you'll feel this forever,
coz you've being trapped and caught,
who's calling stop, coz...
It's always been what's done,
little hope for it to change,
but with us, it's left undone
and it's always the same,
we vote for the ones that
hold us in their games.

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