Letra de la canción

As dawn is weaving between fallen autumn leaves
the poor ones gather under naked trees
asking how to survive, 'cause the winter breaks
and medieval coldness now from a deep sleep awakes
Libera me domine de morte, aetema in die illa tremenda
[free me oh lord from the death, in the terrible day of it]
It's december, 14th 1503, as the ones above stop their mourning
as the one arrived - selected to foresee - something changed without a warning!
(libera me domine de morte, aetema in die illa tremenda)
[free me oh lord from the death, in the terrible day of it]
Es war geboren in des christengottes zeit
[it was born in the time of christ the god]
ein bub - so die legende - mit des schöpfer's fähigkeit
[one boy - as the legend - with the creator's abilities]
zu sehen, was sein wird, im verborgenen, unerkannt
[to see, what will be, hidden, unknown]
denn der mit dem leumund des ketzers würd(war???) öffentlich verbrannt
[then those with the reputation of the heretics were often burnt]
Die hand, die - greifend nach dem schönen - blutet von der rose dorn
[the hand, that reached for the beauty - bled from the rose thorn]
der trieb der menschen habgier, bestraft durch gottes zorn
[human instinct of greed, punished by the god's wraith]
er, der spiegel eurer seele, spürt die trauer, kummer, gram
[he, the mirror of our souls, sensed the mourning, grief, sorrow]
er, der träger dieses namens: michael de notre dame
[he, the owner of the names: michael de notre dame]

fuente: musica.com

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