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Finger Eleven

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OTHER LIGHT es una canción de Finger Eleven del año 2003, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Finger Eleven.


'Other Light'

Never tell your friends
They'll never understand
Confessions only burn themselves in the fire
Choke on every word
That no one's ever heard
Your sentimental thoughts are strangled and tired

See it in another light
You'll see it working out alright
I know I won't change any mind
As long as their still changing mine

As simple as they can
They're telling you again
What they think you've done is so unbecoming
But you don't have to take
Every old mistake
And always see it as a fall while you're running

Saw it on other light
I saw it work out alright
I know I won't change your mind
As long as they're changing mine

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