The Ordinary Boys


Over the counter culture,
Well that's right where you belong,
You try to sever your ties with the London skies,
But you've got the whole thing wrong

You try to be so different,
As does everybody else,
Create your own distinctions,
And flaunt them for yourself

Over the counter culture,
With your cards and catalogs,
The mainstream wipes the river bed clean,
You're just wrong,
You're just, wrong

You think you followed your heart again,
Now it's in to be out,
Destroy the plans and just start again,
Don't pretend to not pretend at all

Over the counter culture,
Well you live your life in waves,
Last years dream was a terrible scheme,
And this new fad will fade

Let's see, what can we be now?
That hasn't been done before?
Shut your eyes,
Look inside.