Buckner And Garcia

Letra de la canción

I got a pocket full of quarter
and i'm headed to the arcade
I don't have alot of money
but i'm bring everything i mades
I got a callus on my finger
and my shoulder's hurtin' too
I'm gonna eat em all up
just as soon as they turn blue
cause i got.. pacman fever......<pacman fever>
it's driving me crazy......<driving me crazy>
i got pacman fever.......<pacman fever>
i'm goin' outta my mind......<goin' outta my mind>
i got pacman fever......<pacman fever>
i'm goin' outta my mind......<goin' outta my mind>
I got all the patterns down
up until the 9th key
I got speedy on my tail
and i know it's either him or me
So, i'm headed out the backdoor
and in and out of sight
Gonna eat the cherries up
and take em all for a ride
I'm gonna fake to the left
and move to the right
Cause pokey's too slow
and blinky's out of sight
<guitar solo>
Now i got em on the run
and i'm looking for the highscore
So, it's once around the block
and i slide back out the side door
I'm really cookin' now
eating everything in sight
All my money's gone
so i'll be back tomorrow night


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