From the Inside - It's Not Good Bye

It's Not Good Bye Letra

Laura Pausini


It's Not Good Bye (Letra/Lyrics)

And what if I never kiss your lips again ,
Or feel the touch of your sweet embrace ,
How would I ever go on ,
Without you theres no place to belong ,
Well someday love is gonna lead you back to me ,
But til it oes ill have an empty heart ,
Somewhere out there youre thinking of me ,

Untill the day I let you go ,
Untill we say our next hello ,
Its not goodbye
Till I see you again ,
ill Be right here rememberin when ,
And if time is on our side ,
There ll be no more tears to cry ,
On down the road ,
There is one thing I cant deny ,
Its not goodbye

Youd think Id be strong enough to make it through ,
And rise above when the rain falls down ,
But its so hard to be strong ,
When youve been missin somebody so long ,
Its just a matter of time Im sure ,
But time takes time and I cant hold on ,
So wont you try as hard as you can ,
To put my broken heart together again ,

Datos de esta canción

IT'S NOT GOOD BYE es una canción de Laura Pausini del año 2002, este tema está incluido dentro del disco From the Inside. Agradecemos a adrian por haber sudido la letra de It's Not Good Bye.