So few hearts can hear my thoughts
convincing god it's what i want
will it be enough?
going through it, seems to be,
a tragedy of vicious screams
that circle me, are these memories?
folded like paper airplanes,
in a hurricane
the way i think don't ever think
to be the same
i'm just a temporary lifeform.
the grave regret, i can't forget
the gaping debt of hate and guiltiness
am i just depraved and spent
my bodies rent
my mind too beat to admit
i just can't spill the rest,
folding like paper airplanes
in a hurricane
stretching my lid to keep a grip on this
i'm living in lonliness
wasting my breath to miss my
chance at this
in finding happiness
and i found someone
who's got the strength to
break the spells
unwinding in my cells
in my shell, devoid of light
the swell of hellish voices
might take me out tonight
if i should dissipate into that flight
please don't mind if i abide my time
i'm open wide
gliding like paper airplanes....


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