John Cougar Mellencamp

Letra de la canción

Paper in firejohn cougar mellencampshe had a dreamand boy it was a good oneso she chased after her dreamwith much desirebut when she got too closeto her expectationswell the dream burned up like paper in firepaper in farestinkin' up the ashtrayspaper in firesmokin' up the alleywayswho's to say the waya man should spend his daysdo you let them smolderlike paper in firehe wanted lovewith no involvementso he chased the windthat's all his silly life required and the days of vanitywent on foreverand he saw his days burn uplike paper in firechorusthere is a good liferight across this green fieldand each generationstares at it from afarbut we keep no check on our appetitesso the green fields turn to brownlike paper in firechorus


John Cougar Mellencamp
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